3 reasons why you need a VA

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Work piled up on us this past year. Certainly not a bad problem to have! However, we’re still a new business, which means we have not yet accrued enough funds to hire out more help full-time or in-office. We needed someone to take on certain tasks that were impacting our marketing goals. So we hired a VA!

Fortunately, we’re knee-deep in the influencer world so it wasn’t hard to find someone who knew the ropes. That was super important to us, as we don’t have a lot of additional time to train someone new right now.

If you have a full-plate and can’t handle all-the-things, we strongly advise considering a VA to help relieve you of tasks that are eating up time you need to create.

Here are 3 reasons why you need a VA

It brings in business

You may feel you can’t afford the additional help. But think of it this way - how much is it costing you to do the tasks you can delegate to someone else? Having someone help you with your to-do list will be worth it in the long run, as you will have more time to do the things to help your business grow.

Time efficiency

You can actually have several VAs who are an expert in different things, which will in turn give your business rock star status. Email marketing, pinning or social media are all things you can get help with. While they work on that, you can create your decks and get those clients!

Strengthen weak areas

As entrepreneurs, we have to be relatively good at a long list of things. However, it’s not possible to be outstanding at everything. We have our weaknesses. That’s where a VA can come in and help with things like spreadsheets (if that’s not your thing), invoicing or calendars.

We can continue to list all the reasons why a VA has a been a life-saver. But we think you get the point. We want your business to grow, but first you have to admit that you need the help and make room for it. We thought we could do it all until we found ourselves working non-stop.

A VA will increase productivity and give you the freedom to take things to the next level!