Crafting A Money Making Blog


What goes into a good blog? This week we spoke to Helena Osorio who has been in the influencer marketing and content production field for most of her career. After working with brands and agencies to pair them up with the best group of bloggers to complete a project, Helena knows how to spot a great blog and a perfect partnership. So what is in this magic formula? We asked and Helena shared her thoughts. 

Q: Before working with brands, bloggers need to make sure they have a few things in order on their blogs. What are your tips for a great homepage and first impression? 

A: To me, less is more, meaning clean design and an easy to navigate blog are very important. Also, the design of your blog should be in brand, it is after all the first impression people will have and they will draw a perception from it. What's your story and how are you telling through your photos, your content, the titles in your blog posts?  

Q: The bio. Often overlooked yet so necessary. What are absolute must-haves when crafting a bio? 

A: Lord! I know that writing your bio is probably one of the hardest things to do. You want to feature your strengths and your accomplishments yet you don't want to sound like you are bragging. Or is that just me? Again, I'm going to go back to your branding and your voice. You want your authentic self to come through, tell your story, engage with your audience. And, for brands or agencies looking at your blog include your heritage, include if you are a parent, include where you live and an email where people can reach you! 

Q: What do brands typically want to see when they land on a blog? 

A: It depends on the brand, of course. Remember that the brand is looking for brands that they can align with and will represent them. Brands are also looking for consistency in posting. If your last post was 6 months ago that may throw them off.  They also want a mix of content between sponsored and non-sponsored content. So, remember, you are also a brand and just like them you have to select who you work with. 

One more thing, have your contact information available (and use an email you check). If a brand or influencer marketing agency contacts you, they will be watching if it's easy to contact you, how and when you respond, so be super professional from the get-go! Respond to emails, be polite, be professional and if you promise something come through. Don't lose a good opportunity because you didn't check that inbox this week. 

Q: Numbers. How important are they...really? 

I think I'd be naive to say they don't matter. I also think how clients look at numbers is different and will probably continue to change in the ever-evolving world of social media. Companies are very much focused on the ROI, so the more you can measure that, the stronger your position will be. Again, this is an area that also depends on the brands, you have brands that are now looking more strongly at engagement, not just the number of followers. 

Q: In order to pass the Blog template 101 "course" what should the bloggers check off their list first? 

A: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, work on your branding. Research your target market, figure out where they are, what they do, what they like, what their passion points and needs are, and what are you offering? Stay true to yourself and your brand, this may be harder than you think because of course what's happening around you will affect you. Be flexible, learn from your mistakes and have fun with it. Oh! and when you pick a name, be sure it's something you'll be comfortable with for a long time. And, last but definitely most important, don't lose yourself in the glam and glitter of the blogging world, stay connected and true to reality. Your family, your learning, your path, your soul always comes first. 

Helena Osorio is a broadcast producer turned project manager and a storyteller enthusiast. In her years of experience working for international television networks, global advertising and boutique influencer marketing agencies she has learned to love and produce content in all its forms. Lately, she's into strategies, product + project management, and sewing. She jumps from the computer to the sewing machine, where she is trying to create a handmade accessory line one stitch at a time. Helena and her family are based in Illinois. 

You can find Helena online at and on Instagram @helenabosorio .